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BAMS company was founded In 1979 by current owner – Adam Sikora. Company is located in Piotrków Trybunalski. We deliver high quality national transport service for many satisfied customers.
We provide full and less than truckload done by modern fleet of Daf and Sacania tractors with trailers (refrigerator and curtain-type). We have all the required certificates, licenses and insurance of EUR 150,000.
Our main asset is experience, reliability and highly qualified staff.
We deliver intact shipments always on time.

Car Mechanics

The BAMS company is not only a huge experience in transport, but also in mechanics, because we have our own car workshop with parking facilities. We provide professional truck and trailer repair services for over 30 years. We have specialized tools, thanks to which we can make various services from minor repairs such as oil change or cladding, to complicated ones such as regeneration of axles or other components. Web also offer turning, welding and locksmith services as a part of provided repair service.

Health and safety and Fire Protection Trainings

Being an employer is connected with obligation to familiarize your employees with health and safety and fire safety regulations in accordance with the Labor Law in force in Poland. 
Health and Safety trainings are organized to provide knowledge; how to organize a safe workplace, how to minimize risks of accidences, how to act during accident; to be aware how to react during unexpected situations that may happen in everyday duties.
We organize Fire Safety trainings to familiarize employees with issues related to causes and way of spreading of fire, how to use an available fire equipment, how to act during fire and other dangers in a workplace.  We offer initial and recurrent trainings for white and blue collar workers. Trainings have to be dedicated to sector of business and place of work, that is why, we individually define the needs of training groups. 
We provide trainings in english.

P.U.H. "BAMS" Adam Sikora

Włókiennicza 48, 97-300 Piotrków Trybunalski

NIP 771 100 32 03